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My Dad is a designer and taught me the love of creating. I've always wanted to create beautiful things for people. I have lived a year in Germany, two years in Italy and four years in Japan. During my time in these countries I was inspired by different cultures' wardrobes. I wanted to make some of my favorite pieces I found, but do it the right way. I studied a semester in Bali for my MBA and was blown away by their sustainable manufacturing practices. Fair wages, solar powered factories, plastic free packaging, 3x above average paid maternity leave and high-attention to detail. I wanted to add support to these businesses doing it the way I believe it should be done. I wanted my ready-to-wear goods made from 100% natural fibers, so I could feel good about putting on my body and giving to people to put on theirs. The name Après June came from my last seven winters abroad. Every summer I returned to California to sell the goods I designed while overseas. Après is the French word for after. Après June is when I could finally be home to sell the pieces I'd created, with the help of very skilled hands at my manufacturing facilities.

Thank you for supporting my dream and so many others. 


Hannah Tapp

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